Our Practice

Our Mission

To provide patients with the quality care we would expect for ourselves and our families.

What To Expect:

Meticulous Record-Keeping

When you come in for your first appointment, we spend extra time reviewing your medical records and health history. At each additional appointment, we go over a questionnaire and update your records since your last visit.

By knowing how your health has changed over time, we can identify problems earlier and make more proactive recommendations.

In-Depth Education

You deserve to understand what is going on with your health.

Dr. Alban focuses on making complex medical terminology easier to understand. When it’s time to explore treatment options, we’ll review them together so you have the confidence to make the care decisions that are right for you.

Better Followup

As your medical partner, we don’t just prescribe treatment and send you on your way.

Our team proactively follows up to ensure your health plan is working for you. We’ll make sure our approach is adapted to fit your changing needs and stages of life.

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