What does membership cover?

By purchasing a membership, you get longer appointments, more time dedicated to your healthcare, and improved access. You can also expect better medical records, lifestyle preventative medicine recommendations, and additional time for Dr. Alban to review and coordinate specialist care.

To see Dr. Alban, you must have a membership with our practice. You or your insurance will pay a standard amount for each appointment, just like you would with other primary care providers.

Why do you follow the membership model?

Our membership model benefits our patients in multiple ways. By charging a membership fee, we can have more time with and for our patients, often accommodate same-day urgent visits, and cut down office wait time. Through longer appointments, Dr. Alban can provide the type of personalized, unrushed care he believes in and you deserve.

Do you take insurance?

While the membership fee is not covered by insurance, we will submit all appointment fees to your insurance company. Dr. Alban is credentialed with most insurance providers. Patients are still responsible for standard co-pays and deductibles.

How much is the membership fee?

The membership fee is $2000 annually or $500 quarterly.  Either amount is set up as a recurring payment using either a credit card or your checking account.  This is an investment in your current and long-term health … and you deserve it!

Can I use my FSA/HSA to cover the membership fee?

In some instances, the annual fee may be payable through your HSA.  You are advised to consult with your FSA or HSA plan administrator, employer, HR representative or tax advisor to clarify qualification in your particular circumstances.

What conditions do you help manage?

Dr. Alban is a board-certified internal medicine physician and provides care to patients with a wide variety of issues and conditions. Of all primary care physicians, internal medicine physicians are unique in our training and focus in adult medicine. If you need more focused treatment, he will refer you to a qualified specialist.

I’m healthy. Why should I pay a membership fee?

Even if you don’t have chronic health conditions, you can benefit from a membership.

Prevent future issues.
Dr. Alban emphasizes lifestyle recommendations that can decrease the risk of developing health problems in the future. We’ll focus on exercise, nutrition, sleep habits, and more.

Identify undiagnosed problems.
Health issues aren’t always immediately apparent. By offering more personalized care, Dr. Alban has uncovered medical conditions in individuals who thought they were healthy. We review your history and labs in detail, allowing us to notice issues that may have otherwise gone undetected.

Improve your quality of life.
We believe better wellness contributes to your quality of life and allows you to enjoy the things you love. You deserve this investment in your health.

How do I book a pilot physical?

Visit our flight medicine site and click “Schedule” to book an appointment.