Personalized Primary Care

Taking the time for you

Unhurried Appointments

The Time Difference

Primary care doctors on average see 20 patients per day while membership-based practices see about 8 patients per day. This membership model provides Dr. Alban the necessary time to provide the comprehensive care his patients deserve.


of doctors wish they had more time with patients

average physical with traditional-model physicians

average physical with Dr. Alban

Relationship-Based Healthcare

The Care Difference

We believe compassion is the foundation of high-quality care. Dr. Alban takes the time to get to know you and develop an in-depth understanding of your health. From listening to your concerns, ensuring you understand your diagnosis and treatment recommendations, assistance in navigating the healthcare system, we are committed to providing a smooth, compassionate, and positive experience. 

Cape Cod Concierge Medicine

A Better-Access Model

Concierge medicine is a membership-based healthcare model. This approach turns your care into a true partnership because it allows us to get to know you better. With longer appointments, we can go deeper into your health history and spend more time discussing treatment options. Plus, this model allows for better availability, often including same-day sick visits, and timely response to your needs.

Benefits Include

Healthcare Coordination

Our team actively advocates for you. We refer you to high-quality specialists, coordinate care with other providers, and streamline treatment. When you have changes in your care, we make it a priority to stay up-to-date.

Lifestyle Recommendations

We use many different tools to help you restore and maintain your health. Dr. Alban will provide nutritional guidance, make personalized exercise recommendations, educate about various stress management techniques, and help you develop better sleep habits to improve your quality of life. 

Prevention-Focused Approach

We believe it’s important to care well for your mind and body. While we treat acute and chronic medical conditions, we also focus heavily on a preventative approach to help you stay well.